DAM Foundation Launches Online Courses

DAM Foundation Launches Online Courses 

The DAM Foundation Education Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its first online course, Introduction to Digital Asset Management. This adult educational offering is the only Digital Asset Management program that offers participants access to working DAM professionals as part of the curriculum.  Those who sign up for the program are offered feedback on their written assignments by members of the DAM Foundation education committee via email. Each course builds on the next, and a passing mark on assignments is required to advance to the next lesson.

The first lesson of the five-part Introduction to Digital Asset Management course is offered for free at damfoundation.org. Should participants complete the first lesson and achieve a passing mark from the education committee member overseeing their work, then the opportunity to sign up for the remaining lessons in the course will be offered. The cost of the entire five part course is $360.00 USD, and upon completion participants will receive a certificate from the DAM Foundation, as well as publicity via the DAM Foundation’s social media channels celebrating their accomplishment. The time frame for completed coursework is extended as it is expected that participants are working professionals themselves. Participants will be given six months from the pass mark of the first lesson to complete the coursework for all five lessons. Details of required coursework can be read on the Introduction to Digital Asset Management main page.

Source:  DAM Foundation

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Fury at bungling BBC after tributes to Jimmy Savile appear alongside website reports of Robin Williams’ ‘suicide’

Fury at bungling BBC after tributes to Jimmy Savile appear alongside website reports of Robin Williams’ ‘suicide’ 

  • BBC tribute to Jimmy Savile appeared beside news of Robin Williams’ death
  • BBC said website rankings depend entirely on what readers are looking at
  • The Savile story featured praise from several celebrities and even royalty
  • One Twitter users claimed the Savile story was ‘ridiculously inappropriate’
  • A licence fee payer described the Savile tributes as ‘a sick joke’
  • Robin Williams was found dead in his Californian home yesterday morning
  • The BBC said it does not delete stories from its online archive
  • BBC said social media users sharing the Savile story raised its popularity

Source: Mail Online.

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Sacked BBC technology chief was unfairly dismissed

Sacked BBC technology chief was unfairly dismissed by George Bevir

Former BBC chief technology officer John Linwood has succeeded in his claim that he was unfairly dismissed by the broadcaster.

Linwood, who was sacked in January following the closure of the May 2013 BBC’s Digital Media Initiative (DMI), said he was “stitched up” and made a scapegoat for the failed £100m project and took legal action against the BBC in May.

The judgment said there was a culture at the BBC that “gave rise to avoidance strategies…and the steering of the spotlight of blame in other directions, on the part of those who felt themselves to be in danger of association with a sinking ship.”

Source:  Broadcasting

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Wikipedia rejects photographer’s claim of copyright over famous monkey selfie – on the grounds that the ape took it!

Wikipedia rejects photographer’s claim of copyright over famous monkey selfie – on the grounds that the ape took it! 

  • David Slater was taking photographs of crested black macaques in Sulawesi
  • One of the monkeys hijacked his camera, before taking hundreds of photos
  • Although many were blurry, a grinning selfie made headlines across world
  • Wikimedia, owners of Wikipedia, used image online site without permission
  • Mr Slater has asked firm to take it down as it has led to a loss of earnings
  • But company claims that as animal took image, he does not own copyright

Source: Daily Mail

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Survey of Television Viewing Conditions

Survey of Television Viewing Conditions 

Building a picture of how viewers watch TV at home.

This project aims to obtain up-to-date information on the television viewing habits of the general public through the use of an online survey.

What we’re doing

We have created a survey which is open for anyone with internet access to complete, which asks questions about screen sizes and viewing distances, as well as the individual viewer’s personal preferences. By asking questions about the way people view their televisions we will be able to make informed judgments about the technical parameters for any new services.

Click here to take part in the survey of television viewing conditions. The data and results of the survey may be published; all responses made will remain anonymous and in no way will participants be made traceable or identifiable.

Source: BBC R&D

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Capturing Analog Sound for Digital Preservation:

Capturing Analog Sound for Digital Preservation: 

This report investigates procedures to reformat sound on analog carriers to digital media or files. It summarises discussions and recommendations emerging from a meeting of leading audio preservation engineers held January 29–30, 2004, to assess the present state of standards and best practices for capturing sound from analog discs and tapes.

This report is one of several studies that CLIR is undertaking on behalf of the Library of Congress and the National Recording Preservation Board.

Source: Presto Centre

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