British Pathé to open up entire film archive of 85K videos to YouTube

British Pathé to open up entire film archive of 85K videos to YouTube 

British Pathé is to release its entire archive of videos – totaling 3,500 hours of content – on YouTube.

The archive, which comprises 85,000 videos, contains footage of historic content from both World Wars, interviews with survivors of the Titanic, boxing legend Muhammed Ali, alongside other filmed newsreels and documentaries that the company produced between 1910 and 1976.

British Pathé is working with Mediakraft Networks to manage the content distribution and packaging on YouTube, and will aim to attract a “global audience” to the content.

The two companies will also work together to create new, original programming which gives a contemporary take on historical events.

Source: The Drum

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Digital Curation News


Digital Curation News (4/11/2014) #digitalpreservation

Digital Scholarship | Digital Curation News | Digital Curation, Digital Preservation, and Research Data Management Works

Source: DigitalKoans

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Getting Started in Digital Preservation – Event Preview

Getting Started in Digital Preservation – Event Preview 

Two members of the ART team, Ed Pinsent and Steph Taylor will be attending this DPC event at the National Archives on 4th April 2014. The day is designed, as the name suggests, to help people who are just starting to work with digital preservation. It will be held at The National Archives in Kew. The Digital Preservation Coalition have put together a great programme to introduce the concepts of digital preservation. It includes useful ‘start up’ insights into tools, risk assessment and preservation planning. Some interesting case studies are also included, which will help to put it all into context.

Source: ULCC

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DAM Whitepapers

DAM Whitepapers 

DAM Whitepapers is a repository of Digital Asset Management reports and documents written by DAM professionals covering a wide range of topics, from general advice through to specialist topics like metadata and solution procurement.

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How much do you know about Digital Preservation?

Did You Know? 

Do You Know the Answers? Some Interesting Facts About Digital Media

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Source: Library of Congress

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‘A complete failure’ – MPs accuse BBC of complacency over £100m scrapped digital initiative

‘A complete failure’ – MPs accuse BBC of complacency over £100m scrapped digital initiative 

From the article:

The BBC was “far too complacent” in its handling of a major new digital production system which was scrapped at the cost of almost £100m of licence fee-payers’ money, according to a powerful backbench committee.

The corporation ploughed £125.9m into the Digital Media Initiative (DMI)  before it was scrapped by current director-general Tony Hall in his first weeks in the job leaving a net cost of £98.4m.

Margaret Hodge, who chairs the Public Accounts Committee which investigated the issue, said DMI was “a complete failure”.

She added: “The main output from the DMI is an archive catalogue and ordering system that is slower and more cumbersome than the 40 year-old system it was designed to replace. It has only 163 regular users and a running cost of £3m a year, compared to £780,000 a year for the old system.”

Source: Press Gazette

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