Preservathon: Select the best services and tools for your audiovisual digitisation project

Preservathon: Select the best services and tools for your audiovisual digitisation project 

Brussels, November 13 – 14

About Preservathons

PrestoCentre Preservathons are two-day hands-on events developed around main themes and challenges in audiovisual digitisation, preservation and long-term access. During the first day, attendees will work together in small groups. Activities include workshops, roleplaying, demonstrations, presentations, writing and negotiation exercises (e.g. call for tender, SLA). Each Preservathon includes a competitive element. The second day is organised as a mini-conference including concise presentations and demonstrations of the results and experiences from the first day, a ceremony to award the winning group, and a short but informative review on the subject, including the state of relevant technology, related research, and open questions.

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Posted in Archive News | Leave a comment Deploys Solr Search Engine to Power its Stock Footage Discovery Platform Deploys Solr Search Engine to Power its Stock Footage Discovery Platform  

David Seevers Chief Marketing Officer at

With nearly 10 million records now in the database, we needed a search engine that could scour a huge volume of diverse records and deliver results to our users quickly and efficiently. The newly deployed Solr search engine allows us to better manage huge datasets, organize diverse metadata fields, perform a vast number of simultaneous searches and filter search results dynamically. It’s also extremely fast, significantly expediting the footage search and discovery experience for our global user base.

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Managing Copyright Compliance in a Multimedia World

Managing Copyright Compliance in a Multimedia World 

October 16, 2014

2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

In today’s workplace, employees use and share more copyrighted content than ever, from published articles to online images, music and videos. In fact, a 2013 Outsell report showed that 81% of surveyed workers share content with team members weekly. At a time when employees have access to more content and many more ways to share it, managing copyright compliance can be tricky.

Join Gretchen Klebasko, Director of Intellectual Property and Associate General Counsel for Legg Mason, as she provides practical tips for identifying compliance trouble spots related to text, image, video and social media uses and steps you can take to minimize infringement risk.

This webinar is sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center.

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