‘Right to be forgotten’: Publishers rebel against Google’s hidden results

‘Right to be forgotten’: Publishers rebel against Google’s hidden results 

Local news sites in the UK are publicising the fact that links are being hidden from the search engine – and attracting thousands of page views to the original stories as a result

One of the first UK news websites to have some of its search engine links hidden under Google’s “right to be forgotten” procedure has revealed that the move led to a large spike in traffic – and other publishers are following their example.

The Oxford Mail published a story earlier this month, telling readers that someone had asked the search engine to remove links to an article relating to a man’s shoplifting conviction.

Assistant editor Jason Collie said the original court report had been read just 28 times. Since the paper publicised the fact that the link was concealed from Google, it has been read more than 13,000 times – and the story about the removal has had more than 10,000 page views.

He said: “Whoever has asked Google to remove this story, it’s not worked. It’s brought it to a much wider audience.

Source: Journalism.co.uk

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BBC hires a detective agency to spy on staff

BBC hires a detective agency to spy on staff 

Using private detectives has been highly controversial since investigator Glenn Mulcaire was jailed for phone hacking at the News of the World.

The BBC has, however, paid an American detective agency several thousands of pounds — to snoop on its own staff.

The corporation gave Kroll and ‘a number of other third parties’ a total of £227,292 for investigations carried out after the Jimmy Savile scandal.

It describes their activities as providing ‘technical support to assist in extracting archived emails’. That’s spying on staff emails to you and me.

But a BBC spokesman says: ‘Work was undertaken to search specific archive emails for the Pollard Review with the prior knowledge of staff concerned. It would be ludicrous to suggest their emails were secretly monitored.’

Source: Daily Mail

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BBC launches file delivery push

BBC launches file delivery push 

The BBC has kick-started its efforts to build an entirely file-based delivery and archive system just over a year after scrapping the Digital Media Initiative (DMI).

As part of the Digital Delivery and Archive (DDA) aspect of its End to End Digital project, the broadcaster has asked external suppliers to pitch for a contract to build and support a system to receive fi lebased programmes from inhouse and independent suppliers.

The BBC also wants a system that will allow it to hold finished programmes until they are ready to be delivered and to store them in a central archive.

The contract, which is due to start in May next year, could last up to 10 years, with an option to extend it by a further five. Its value was not disclosed.

A “rudimentary” interim solution is in place at the broadcaster as it begins to shift away from tape-based delivery. This includes Fabric, the archive tool that was developed as part of DMI.

Source: Broadcast

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Companies House to open up UK business data to journalists

Companies House to open up UK business data to journalists 

Finance and data journalists welcome latest move as accounts for 3 million UK companies are set to go public

Journalists are to gain free access to information on all of the UK’s three million companies from next spring, in the latest move by the British government towards open data.

The UK business registrar, Companies House, has announced it is scrapping the £1 fee charged for each document downloaded from its site and it will make company accounts, shareholding details and director appointments more easily accessible in data form.

Source: Journalism.co.uk

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Tips for journalists using Google Search

Tips for journalists using Google Search 

Dan Russell, über tech lead, Google Search Quality and User Experience Research, shares advanced Google search techniques for research, newsgathering and verification

Source: Journalism.co.uk

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Fingerprinting, watermarking and monitoring…

Fingerprinting, watermarking and monitoring…

Technology expert Richard Wright on new moves to prevent archive footage finishing up on a cable channel or computer game

Source: Focal International

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