Analog pasts preserved in digital futures

Analog pasts preserved in digital futures 

According to UNESCO, thousands of hours of culturally significant audiovisual footage — including the original moon landing tapes — have been lost forever. Magnetic tapes degrade and often physical formats can disappear and break. So how can we preserve our cultural legacy? The answer is digitisation.

DAMsmart is an Australian company that has been around since 1982. Employing a dozen staff in offices inSydneyandCanberra, it is one of the only companies inAustraliathat specialises in the preservation and conversion of analog records to digital media.

The company has two main goals: preservation and access. By converting clunky and fragile analog formats that degrade easily into a more robust and flexible digital format, like JPEG 2000, not only do we ensure that audiovisual recordings have a longer lifespan, but that they’re also easier for the general public to access.

Source: ZDNet

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