How to keep an archive of your Twitter messages

How to keep an archive of your Twitter messages 

Keeping track of the past requires going beyond Twitter’s own offerings

Twitter may be a great way to keep up with what’s happening, but it’s not so good at keeping track of what’s happened. That’s because Twitter itself offers no way to keep an archive of your tweets.


It’s true that you can search your own postings (from your Twitter page). But those searches are limited to the last 3,200 tweets you have made. And if you want to store your tweets for posterity, there’s no built-in way to do so.


Fortunately, there are some third party tools and services that can archive Twitter for you. These third parties describe what they do in different terms: Some call them “archives” and others “backups.” Some save everything, others let you perform searches then save the results. But all of them allow you to collect your tweets in a file or web page for later access. Here are a few of the most notable Twitter archive tools.

Source: Computeractive

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