How We Do Storage: A Saga of Bits, Disk, Tape and Systems

How We Do Storage: A Saga of Bits, Disk, Tape and Systems by Trevor Owens

 Over the last six months, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Infrastructure Working Group has been talking storage. After listening to several presentations on shiny new decentralized, distributed and or cloud storage platforms we quickly realized that the diversity of our members experience meant that we were thinking around each other a fair bit. At that point, we decided it would make a lot of sense for the group to start by documenting NDSA member’s approaches to large scale storage for digital preservation and stewardship.

 Ultimately, we intend to share the results of this project with other organizations looking for guidance about preservation and stewardship storage. We are working to pin down what our collective experience suggests are key elements to consider when planning, implementing and maintaining these systems. In the process, we hope to articulate some of the principles that guide the members approaches to storage systems and architectures.

Source: Scientific Computing

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