The Future of the Past of the Web

The Future of the Past of the Web by Susan Manus

The following is a guest post by Abbey Potter, Program Officer, NDIIPP.  She is also Communications Officer for the IIPC.

The Future of the Past of the Web was a well-named event hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition, JISC, and the British Library on October 7th. It followed in a sequence of DPC events on web archiving that examined current practice and trends. This year’s focus was on using web archives and the future of researcher access. Memento and the idea of delivering and using web archives as data were the hot topics.


Conference introduction

Herbert van der Sompel of the Los Alamos National Labaratory, and co-leader of the Memento project, presented a compelling use case for Memento in which he took an older paper he published and tried to follow the links he cited back to the original resources. Most of the links were broken, though all but one are available in a web archive somewhere. Using the Memento plug-in or other Memento tool a user would be able to reach the archived version if the resource no longers exists on the live web.

Source: The Signal

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