2011 Film Technology Summit

2011 Film TechnologySummit

Nov. 7-8, Annex Space @Hollywood&Highland,Los Angeles

About the Conference:

The Film Technology Summit is a one-day event focusing on the latest innovations for producing content and improving the theatrical experience. With filmmaking now squarely set in the digital age, we will look at how current technologies have impacted the below-the-line workflow, production, distribution and exhibition of movies.Hollywood’s special effects wizards will talk about how they are pushing boundaries in creating stand-out imagery in their films and what the future holds for CGI.

Film Technology Summit Topics Include:

The State ofTechnologyin Film: From Production to Exhibition

New Realities on the Set: How Are Roles of The Film Crew Impacted in the Digital Age?

What’s Next for CGI Animation? CGI/Live-Action Hybrids, Motion-capture and more

Where do we go from here? Understanding the New Technology Landscape – 4K, 3D, Higher Frame Rates and more

Film Restoration Supersession

Digital Cinema Exhibitors: Technology & New Revenue Streams

Masters of Technology in Film: Making Movie Stars Out of Special Effects and Unique Imagery

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