SPRUCE Project to support digital preservation in the UK

SPRUCE Project to support digital preservation in the UK

I’m really pleased to be writing a quick blog post on a new digital preservation project we’ll be running over the next couple of years. After running 3 AQuA style hackathon/mashups last year I felt we’d managed to develop a useful formula for solving digital preservation problems and beginning to foster a bit more of an active practitioner community. The only problem was, once the face to face events finished, things went quiet (despite the enthusiasm of the participants during the events).


SPRUCE is an opportunity for us to keep the interactions going and hopefully reach a critical mass that will help this community to support itself more effectively. As we saw in the events last year, create the right environment and all those wonderful interactions start happening. People share their problems, articulate their needs, developers understand their needs (!) and solutions begin to take shape. I really hope we can replicate this kind of success at a broader level, and get practitioners actively discussing their problems, sharing solutions and pushing us forward.

Source: Open Planets Foundation

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