Motion Picture Academy: digital films need greater preservation efforts

Motion Picture Academy: digital films need greater preservation efforts 

We all know what it’s like to be stuck with obsolete media: who hasn’t seen boxes of VHS tapes at garage sales, next to the 8-track cassettes? The inevitable move into all-digital means of production and distribution is supposed to alleviate this problem (or at least provide us with a new set of problems), but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants to draw attention to another consideration: digital preservation. The Academy’s Science & Technology Council just released the second part of “Digital Dilemma,” its years-long study of the issue. Its findings? While filmmakers — independents and documentarians, especially — recognize the benefits of digital workflow, most don’t consider the effects on longevity. While good old-fashioned film can last for a century even if not carefully preserved, digital masters can quickly become unwatchable, whether due to media failures or incompatibility. (Imagine trying to play a Flash video in 2100.)

Source: The Verge

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