Why is managing digital assets more challenging than herding cats?

Why is managing digital assets more challenging than herding cats? by Seth Earley

We hear it more and more – managing non-text (digital) assets along with textual content in the context of business systems and processes is challenging.  What are we hearing and where are the challenges coming from?

First, as we know, websites, particularly customer-facing sites, are no longer static pages with a few graphics.  Companies are racing to create dynamic sites with constantly changing content. Beyond graphics, sites are becoming media rich with integrated video, animation, sound, photos, and social media feeds. 

With increasing demand for varied web experience, companies are seeking the right mix of automated and curated content. It becomes increasingly important to retrieve related content either for immediate display or as a filtered consideration set for curators or web-page editors.  So here is the first challenge. Content is not tagged adequately to retrieve the most relevant related content.

Source: Earley & Associates

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