Archiving, Preservation Move into 21st Century

Archiving, Preservation Move into 21st Century 

SAN FRANCISCO: Treasures that need to be preserved are out there. Just ask Daniel Henry, who recently found himself transported into a noisy, jubilant television studio of the 1960s where pony-tailed little girls in swinging gingham dresses and five-year-old boys in crew cuts sat for a live taping of a children’s television show in Minnesota. As a recording operator for the Minnesota Museum of Broadcasting, Henry finds himself surrounded by mini portals into history—audio postcard recordings to servicemen in the 1930s, wire recordings from before. All of them recorded on various snippets of bygone media: flexible records, 16mm film, Betacam tapes.

Today’s technology is helping bring pieces of history back to life, including the children’s program “Clancy & Co.,” which aired in Minnesota in the 1950s and 60s. 

 All needing to be gently coaxed out of their decades-long home and rerecorded on a media that will be here 100 years from now. But what?

Source: TV Technology

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