Radio buff helps find archive thief

Radio buff helps find archive thief 

When J. David Goldin saw the recorded interview of baseball great Babe Ruth for sale on eBay, he knew something was wrong. There was one original record of the 1937 interview of Ruth on a hunting trip, and Goldin donated it to a government archive more than 30 years ago. Now someone was auctioning it. The winning bid was $34.75.

“I took one look at the record label and I said, ‘Holy smokes, that’s my record,’ ” said the retired radio engineer.


From his Connecticut home, filled with antique radios and tape reels, Goldin, 69, launched an amateur sleuthing effort to help uncover the thief.


The heist was an inside job by a recently retired head of the video and sound unit of the National Archives and Records Administration, the federal agency entrusted with preserving such documents as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal

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