Taxonomy and Video Discovery

Taxonomy and Video Discovery 

by Rennie Walker

Here’s a question for taxonomy appreciators.  How many degrees of separation are there between a consumer of a video on a news site and a taxonomy?   Here’s another question.  As information consuming and sharing becomes more exponential, and as user demand to share (not just consume) grows likewise (because people communicate with their friends partly through a strong emotional desire to “share”), where can taxonomy possibly fit in this vast universe of networked content?

I’m an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) online.  I recently became intrigued by how the Journal surfaced related video content as I read my way through the text content.

WSJ uses a tool from Taboola.  At first glance (or first thought) it might seem that we have content presentation without content organization.  All done by this thing called “semantics”.  Or, maybe it’s “algorithmic” magic.  Surely, it’s not just serendipity?

Source: Earley & Associates

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