Bits Breaking Bad: The Atlas of Digital Damages

Bits Breaking Bad: The Atlas of Digital Damages by Bill LeFurgy

A question popped up in the blogosphere recently.  “Where is our Atlas of Digital Damages?” asked Barbara Sierman of the National Library of the Netherlands. 

She pointed out the amazement that would greet evidence of physical books, safely stored, with spontaneous and glaring changes in their content or appearance.  “Panic would be huge if this would happen in our libraries and archives.”  That statement is certainly correct.  Nearly everyone expects libraries and archives to have the basic resources to keep physical documentation stable, intact and fixed.

Sierman bravely points out, however, that digital items are very much at risk of loss and corruption–even when libraries and archives manage the material.  Digitization sometimes yields mistakes, storage systems fail, older files rendered in newer computing environments behave oddly.

Source: The Signal

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