All In! Embedded Files in PDF/A

All In! Embedded Files in PDF/A by Butch Lazorchak

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single technical solution that solves all your long-term digital archiving, stewardship and preservation needs? Perhaps a file format with millions of users, widespread adoption across different computing platforms, free viewers and open documentation?

A lot of hopes and dreams have been poured into the idea of “one preservation tool to rule them all,” and many people, both inside and outside of the preservation community, have come to think of the “archival” version of the widely used Portable Document Format as this single solution.

However, a close examination of the tool shows that while it’s useful and valuable for many things, it’s not the only answer for long-term archiving and preservation. This can’t be stated often enough, especially as awareness grows around the October 2012 release of the latest version of the PDF/A specification.

Source: The Signal

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