Digital Preservation: Futile?

Digital Preservation: Futile? 

After reading the article “Scarcity or Abundance? Preserving the Past in a Digital Era”, by Roy Rosenzweig, I felt that the preservation of our digital past (in the form of  web pages, photos, email messages, blog posts, etc) seems to be quite futile. In his article, Rosenzweig explains how difficult it is to preserve our digital past. Though Rosenzweig emphasizes that “the social, economic, legal, and organizational problems” are what makes digital preservation very challenging, he also points out that the ways we go about digital preservation can be problematic. Digital preservation seems like a futile endeavour due to the nature of technology. According to the Library of Congress’  website on Personal Archiving , technology has a short lifespan and is constantly changing. Most technology changes for the good, like increased speed, memory, or ease of use. But in terms of digital preservation, changes in technology can be bad, like for hardware, software, file types, and accessibility.

Source: Tortola’s Blog

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