Sweeping changes to UK’s “outdated” copyright law

Sweeping changes to UK’s “outdated” copyright law  

It will become legal to make personal copies of digital media for personal use

People will be able to legally rip CDs, make copies of ebooks, games , films and other digital media that they paid for providing it is for personal use.

 They will also be able to use these works in parodies and for the purposes of quotations said Business Secretary Vince Cable. Announcing the planned changes to the UK’s copyright laws, he said this will give greater freedom for people to use copyright work while protecting the interests of the rights owners.

“Making the intellectual property framework fit for the 21st century is not only common sense but good business sense. Bringing the law into line with ordinary people’s reasonable expectations will boost respect for copyright, on which our creative industries rely.

Source: ComputerActive

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