Here’s What A 3D-Printed Record Sounds Like [Video]

Here’s What A 3D-Printed Record Sounds Like [Video] 

If you ever wanted to print out your favorite albums at home, that weird little itch of yours may soon be scratched. Amanda Ghassaei, an editor at Instructables and DIY audio hardware geek, recently succeeded in 3D printing 12-inch records containing music by artists like Nirvana, The Pixies and Daft Punk. It sounds terrible, but the achievement is still pretty impressive.

Ghassaei used Processing to write a program that translates digital audio into 3D models, which can then be printed on a plastic material using a high-resolution 3D printer. The end result can be played on any turntable, although as you can hear in the video below, it doesn’t sound very good.

That’s because even at the highest resolutions available in 3D printing, you can print audio grooves only fine enough to capture a fraction of the resolution and sampling rate of a even decent-sounding MP3. There’s also a very tiny grain and residue on 3D printed objects that interferes with the turntable stylus’ ability to pick up a clean audio signal. Still, the songs are clearly recognizable, making what Ghassaei has pulled off from a technical standpoint very impressive.

Source: Read Write Web

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