Announcing ‘Manchester Time Machine’

Announcing ‘Manchester Time Machine’ : the first ever app for the iPhone which merges archive film with GPS to create a street level tour of Manchester’s streets and people over the last 100 years.

Manchester has changed a lot, and hardly at all. Manchester Time Machine uses rare historical film from the North West Film Archive to take you back to exactly the same location to experience the scene from the same viewpoint. See for yourself how much the city has changed through these fascinating glimpses into the 20th century.

There are 80 highlights from films shot in the city centre, from the early days of film in 1911 (a Whit walk in Market Street) through every decade of the last century until the 1970s (as a student demonstration scatters in Oxford Street).

In between, these enchanting films include historically significant events – VE Day in Piccadilly and Albert Square, and moving documents – such as the victorious Manchester City team bringing home the FA cup in Piccadilly in 1934, alongside powerful everyday views of a life long gone – Piccadilly Gardens in the sunshine in 1961, and in 1914 a mounted policeman barging a cart off the tram tracks on London Road.

 Each is presented with a GPS locator and virtual compass so you can find exactly the same scene in the present day, even when many of the buildings may have disappeared. Manchester Time Machine offers smartphone users a true multimedia experience, a moving window through time.

Source: North West Film Archive

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