Free Digital Preservation Webinars!

Free Digital Preservation Webinars! 

After a series of very successful ASERL webinars on introductory digital preservation in the spring of 2012, a survey of librarians and archivists indicated that the most important topics for successive webinars centered on metadata selection, extraction, creation and storage as well as planning ahead. Based on this feedback, ASERL is hosting a new series of four 60-minute digital preservation webinars this April to aid librarians, archivists and others in learning practical steps to addressing digital preservation issues. All sessions are free, and further updates can be found here.

The first webinar will be presented by Lisa Gregory of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, and is entitled “Preservation Planning and Overview of PREMIS for Beginners.” Designed to help participants begin formulating a digital preservation plan for their digital collections, the topics to be covered also include first steps for implementation, and a basic introduction to PREMIS, the Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata

Source:  University of Alabama Libraries

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