Is Video Now a Credible Source?

Is Video Now a Credible Source? By Deborah Andrysiak

Abstract: All videos are not created equal… and this might not be a bad thing. However, each video produced should have a clear purpose for its respective audience – whether it’s to entertain, to convert prospective customers, or for information/educational purposes. As with any social media, if video is used as a resource, knowing how to distinguish the legitimacy of the video will lend credibility to your research.


Video Overload

The latest statistics show that YouTube users upload 72 hours of video per minute. Think about it. The time it takes to type this sentence equates to five or six new uploads! That’s a lot of content. And the rate of upload will undoubtedly get faster in line with the growth in the mobile device market, faster internet access via non-broadband sources such as 3G and 4G, and the proliferation of free video-editing tools.

Source: Freepint.

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