Should you rely on DAM for your digital preservation needs?

Should you rely on DAM for your digital preservation needs? 

All around the world, there are towns and even provinces built around corporations. In these places the streets have no names that aren’t connected to the company, the founder, or perhaps his favorite pet. Such towns are populated by generations of families that share not only common strands of DNA, but also years and decades of working for that company. This is a case where workplace becomes so interwoven with personal life, you look at local editions of your workers’ union newsletter as a family album.

Imagine such a company, using or not yet using a DAM system, losing all these “assets?” And by “assets” in this case I mean not just the company packaging from 100 years ago, but chunks of someone’s life and heritage. Or, imagine losing all the paper and canvas-based art from the period of Italian Renaissance? Or, your collection of LPs and audio cassettes?

 As with many things in life, technology is not the answer to all questions. A DAM system on its own will not help you preserve your personal or organizational history. Digital preservation is comprised of many policies, activities, and strategies around digitizing assets and making sure future generations will be able to “read” and use them. After all, there’s no guarantee that any sofware you’ll be running 20 years from now will be able to read a .jpg or a .pdf.

Source; Real Story Group

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