Do it Anyway

Do it Anyway 

But because keeping up with digital preservation, all of the tech, all of the news, all of the projects is hard.

I just want to acknowledge that. This is hard.

One of the tasks I needed to complete this month was getting information about several projects to add to our Tool Grid. This will be available once it’s complete.

Talk about a very quick lesson in how much there is to know, and how little of it I can keep in my head.

The way our tool grid works is that we divvied up the names of tools, and basically each try to figure out what we can from looking at the website. This should be familiar to anyone working currently in libraries and archives as a practice.

Just as an example, let me talk about a tool called BWF Metaedit, which was on my list.

Source: POWRR Preserving Objects With Restricted Resources

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