BBC’s troubled £133m digital video archive delays ‘tapeless’ future

BBC’s troubled £133m digital video archive delays ‘tapeless’ future  

Old-fashioned tape editing machines may have to be installed in Broadcasting House in specially-constructed refrigerated areas.

£133m digital video archive designed to ensure the redeveloped New Broadcasting House is “tapeless” is not working according to programme-makers, with old-fashioned tape editing machines having to be installed as a result.

However, because the corporation’s central London headquarters was not designed to accommodate the heat from the tape editing machines, plans are being discussed to put them in a specially constructed, refrigerated area.

According to sources, Panorama’s office in NBH is “littered” with tapes and news and current affairs staff say their work is being held up due to delays and problems with the BBC‘s troubled Digital Media Initiative.

DMI is an attempt by the BBC to do away with video tapes and create and run a kind of internal YouTube of BBC archive content that staff can access, upload, edit and then air from their computers. It has a budget equivalent to about 914,000 BBC licence fees.

Source: Guardian Online

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