APA Conference on Digital Preservation, New Delhi, India

APA Conference on Digital Preservation, New Delhi, India 

Call for Papers

Therefore, the organizers of this conference will like to invite research papers, case study papers and position papers based on the following thematic areas –

• Case studies of digital preservation in various domains such as e-government, scientific and research data, geospatial information, electronic health records, audio and video, media archives, government and cultural archives, corporate data archives, etc.

• Case studies of domain specific adaptation of OAIS model

• Case studies of digital disasters and recovery

• Case studies of digital forensic to establish authenticity of information

• Case studies of trusted repositories in cloud

• Digital preservation for legal compliances

• The challenges and techniques for maintaining trust in electronic records over long period

• Integrating e-record management with e-government

• Infrastructure development for trusted digital repositories

• Approaches for long term sustainability of digital repositories

Data mining and repurposing of digital information stored in digital repositories

• Long term storage solutions with techniques for optimization and efficacy

• Preparing for audit and certification of digital repositories

• Design of domain specific digital preservation policy framework

• Curriculum design for digital preservation

Source: Rhizome.org

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