BBC accused of misleading parliament over ‘catastrophic’ digital media project

BBC accused of misleading parliament over ‘catastrophic’ digital media project 

The BBC has been accused by MPs of misleading parliament over its “catastrophic” Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which was axed last month after wasting nearly £100m of licence-fee-payer’s money.

MPs on the Commons public accounts committee (PAC) said the BBC and its former director general, Mark Thompson, gave evidence to parliament in 2011 that “just wasn’t true”.

In a hearing held on Monday at BBC North’s MediaCityUK headquarters in Salford, BBC trustee Anthony Fry admitted DMI had been a “complete catastrophe”. He said: “It is extraordinarily worrying. At a personal level it is probably the most serious, embarrassing thing I have ever seen.”

The flagship project, which was designed to do away with videotapes and digitise BBC archive content, was eventually axed on 24 May after costing the BBC £98.4m. The National Audit Office (NAO) and accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, on behalf of the BBC, are conducting separate investigations into the project’s failure.

Source: Guardian Online

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