Digital Preservation Plan Framework for Museums

Digital Preservation Plan Framework for Museums 

A Digital Preservation Plan is a core document to any digital preservation activity. It describes actionable steps to be taken to preserve digital resources within an organization (the Action Plan), and documents how this Action Plan was chosen. Unlike a Digital Preservation Policy, which provides high-level guidance, the Action Plan describes an actual workflow, and it makes reference to specific technology that will be used in the workflow.  Because of this, the Digital Preservation Plan is produced after drafting the museum’s Digital Preservation Policy.

The format recommended in this framework is loosely based on that proposed by Becker, Kulovits, Guttenbrunner, Strodle, Rauber & Hofman in a paper that describes the use of “objective trees” to formally document and quantify metrics for the selection of a digital preservation Action Plan. While their process is consistent with creating a Trusted Digital Repository, it is not practical for smaller museums. Medium and large sized museums should consult the Becker paper as well as the framework below before choosing a format for their own Digital Preservation Plan.

Source: Professional Exchange Canada

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