How microvideo is playing an increasing role in the newsroom

How microvideo is playing an increasing role in the newsroom 

A look at how mobile apps like Tout and Vizibee have become another tool in the box for some journalists and the growing use of short-form video by news outlets by Alastair Reid

“Can you really encapsulate a story in six seconds?” questioned Marc Settle, a trainer in mobile reporting at the BBC College of Journalism, speaking to for a podcast on the subject.

“Certainly the new app Vizibee, which some BBC colleagues put together, have gone for 75 seconds because they say that’s the standard length of a report, what’s called a ‘rant’ on the BBC, where someone will talk to the camera and explain what’s happening. Seventy-five seconds is about the maximum length.

“But six seconds? What can you really do?”

Instagram may yet start to fill this temporal gap, but Tout has been playing a similar role for some time. Created as a social video platform, Tout now has partnerships with the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Europe1, and Digital First Media (DFM), among many others, while Vizibee has been designed specifically for professionals to create short videos of behind the scenes footage or quick updates on news stories.


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