The “What” of Email Archiving

The “What” of Email Archiving 

by Butch Lazorchak

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the need for applied digital preservation research. The post generated a number of great comments and I’ll take some time over the next few months to dig a little deeper into each subject area and try and tease out where the useful efforts are, while also identifying further gaps that might be plugged by further research.

This time I’ll dive a little deeper into email archiving. Perhaps it’s best to start with the first question from last time: What are the main challenges of email archiving?

At the highest level, Chris Prom, in his DPC Technology Watch Report on Preserving Email (pdf)  identifies two areas: perceived technological barriers;  and legal mandates that prioritize minimum legal retention periods favoring record destruction over long-term access.

Source: The Signal

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