Digital Preservation 2013: Annual NDIIPP/NDSA Meeting Set for Next Week

Digital Preservation 2013: Annual NDIIPP/NDSA Meeting Set for Next Week by Erin Engle

Every year we’re thrilled to host a meeting with our partners and interested individuals in the digital preservation community.  This year’s meeting, Digital Preservation 2013, features a number of speakers and presentations around exploring innovative ideas across the digital information landscape. Coming together to share stories and practices of collecting, delivering and preserving our digital materials is an effective way to address various obstacles to our collective and individual work.

Next week, July 23-25, over 200 attendees will gather together to hear from noted individuals, like Hilary Mason of, Jason Scott of the Archive Team and Aaron Straup Cope of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum Labs, recognize the 2013 NDSA Innovation Award Winners, share current digital stewardship work in a lightning talks session (PDF), and attend smaller breakout sessions featuring tools and services, and discussions of education and professional development in the field. The last day of the meeting will feature CURATEcamp Exhibition, where participants will discuss ideas about the exhibition of digital collections dealing with narratives, storytelling and context.

Source: The Signal

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