Website for crisis mappers in UK to relaunch

Website for crisis mappers in UK to relaunch 

The new site will feature a new forum and greater drive to connect the communities involved in mapping large-scale events in the UK

The website for CrisisMappersUK, a group of people who are involved in building maps to track events in the UK, is to relaunch its website by the beginning of September, in a move which it hopes will drive further connections between those involved in such projects.

The relaunch will offer enhanced community engagement on the site, with a new forum and space dedicated to highlighting existing projects, as well as any specific areas within projects where help is needed.

CrisisMappersUK was established in 2012 by Justine Mackinnon and Francesca De Florio, and is part of the International Network of Crisis Mappers. The network describes itself as a “community of experts, practitioners, policy makers, technologists, researchers, journalists, scholars, hackers and skilled volunteers engaged at the intersection between humanitarian crises, technology, crowdsourcing, and crisis mapping”.


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