Preserving Our Digital World

Preserving Our Digital World (#digpres2013) by Barbie E. Keiser

Last week, nearly 300 people gathered in Alexandria, VA, for the 9th annual meeting of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIP) and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA).

Organized by the Library of Congress (LC), #digpres2013 brought scores of archivists, librarians, and information specialists together to explore “solutions to the challenges of stewarding digital content over the long-term.” The presentations represented an astounding array of ingenuity, displaying tools that were useful to all concerned with preserving the digital record, from high literature to news of the Kardashians.

The main meeting began on July 23, with opening remarks by Bill LeFurgy (@blefurgy), digital preservation manager at the LC. He focused on two trending topics that were addressed during conference sessions: 1) personal digital preservation, and 2) democratizing digital stewardship. The following two presentations certainly delivered. First came Hilary Mason (@hmason), chief scientist at bitly, who began her talk concerning Big Data with a session title that barely fit on a screen: How engineers think about preservation (when they think about it at all).

Source: Information Today

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