Eddie Mair on the joy of an online Radio Times archive

Eddie Mair on the joy of an online Radio Times archive  

“I love the black-and-white pages from the days I first read RT in the 70s,” enthuses Mair after testing out a prototype digital archive of the magazine

Imagine a world where you could go online and find every edition of Radio Times… from that greying first issue trumpeting all that was fabulous in radio, to the 2000s by which time someone had invented ITV. A world where you could see every page of every magazine on screen. Not just all those classic listings, but the ads, the letters pages and those always scintillating entreaties from the editor.

Well, brace yourself, because I am living in the world you just imagined. I know!

As you are aware, the BBC programme archive is incomplete. You won’t find the complete series of Doctor Who, even in the darkest recesses of the Tardis. You can search Broadcasting House but you’ll not stumble across the complete Fanny Cradock – or Dick Emery for that matter. Many of these valuable recordings were given to executives as leaving gifts in the 1960s and 70s, before the Corporation stumbled on the idea of giving them barrow-loads of cash instead.

Source: Radio Times

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