Lessons in ‘clickable’ video from online tool wireWAX

Lessons in ‘clickable’ video from online tool wireWAX 

The wireWAX technology, which also offers a free online tool for more straight-forward tagging of video, has been used by outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian

When it comes to the commercial side of the news business, the idea of making content clickable and interactive, offers up clear benefits – enabling users to click through to purchase items shown on the screen, for example.

But that is not the only way in which news outlets are using such technology to engage with their readers. The editorial side is also experimenting with this form of interactivity, in a way which helps to give users a very personalised experience, based on how much or how little they wish to interact.

There have been a number of key examples of this lately, such as the Wall Street Journal’s video package on US healthcare, as well as a BBC News video in April revisiting the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

At the time, BBC News used wireWAX to produce the interactive video, which features links to additional content or context, based on certain ‘hotspots’ in the footage, as shown below. BBC News described it at the time as “a trial format”, and invited feedback from its readers on the approach.

Source: Jouralism.co.uk

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