The Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit

The Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit 

This is a guest post by Paul Wheatley of the SPRUCE Project, which is “aiming to foster a vibrant and self-supporting community of digital preservation practitioners and developers via a mixture of online interaction and face to face events.” For more on SPRUCE, see an earlier interview with Paul.

A significant proportion of the project I’m currently running, the Jisc funded SPRUCE, has been about hands on digital preservation work: learning by doing. Changing attitudes from the bottom up. Doing digital preservation and sharing the outcomes, good or bad, for others to learn from.Supporting those who are actually managing digital data, and attempting to build a stronger community of peer support. I’ve been getting my teeth into a lot of this work throughout the project, and it has been great fun. A little bit on the back burner however, has been our aim to support the same audience in quite a different way: we wanted to make their practical digital preservation work more sustainable by helping these practitioners pull in the funding they need.

So we’ve been building our expertise and experience in various aspects of writing digital preservation focused business cases. As well as funding some case studies on the subject, we’ve been working with loads of practitioners at our mashup events on various business case themed exercises, and collating the results. This was all useful foundational work, but still to be properly realised into project outputs. In the last month however, I’ve finally been working full time on turning these foundations into the new Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit, an online guide to help you make the case for funding your digital preservation work

Source: The Signal

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