TV and Media: Identifying the Needs of Tomorrow’s Video Consumers 

Key Findings:

Mobile devices make up an increasing share of TV and video viewing

>72 percent use mobile devices at least weekly for video viewing. 42 percent do this outside the home.

 TV is becoming a multiscreen and multitasking activity

>75 percent multitask by using mobile devices while watching TV. 1 in 4 even watch multiple video sources at the same time.

Even late adopters are becoming advanced video users

>As many as 41 percent of 65–69 year olds studied stream on-demand/time shifted TV and video content, includingYouTube, on a more than weekly basis. 

We are witnessing the birth of aggregated, pick-and-mix TV solutions

> The quest has begun to become the first easy to use, à la carte TV solution provider that aggregates consumer TV and video needs. Consumers rank having an à la carte TV offering as the fifth most important aspect of their viewing experience.

+ Direct link to Report (PDF; 1.2 MB)

Source: Ericsson Consumer Lab (via Docutiker)

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