Jack White says digital recordings are ‘anything but fail-safe’

Jack White says digital recordings are ‘anything but fail-safe’  

The Third Man Records boss says digital mediums shouldn’t be relied upon when it comes to preserving music

Jack White has spoken out about his thoughts on digital versus analogue recording, saying that digital formats have “proven to be anything but fail-safe” when it comes to the preservation of music.

Speaking to The Atlantic, White commented: “A lot of the digital formats in the last 20 years have proven to be anything but fail-safe. The tapes break or the information can’t be retrieved.”

White – who recently donated $200,000 (£124,914) to the National Recording Preservation Foundation, a United States non-profit who seek to preserve and make accessible the recorded history of America – believes that more modern ways of recording aren’t as reliable as older approaches when it comes to keeping the original versions of songs safe. He also spoke about how people dismissed the masters of early phonograph recordings in the States, saying: “There are stories of early phonograph companies taking apart the masters used to press wax discs so they could be sold as roofing shingles. They didn’t think a recording was a document of anything cultural. It was just a way to sell phonographs.”
Source: NME

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