nextScan Introduces Virtual Film, New Software Technology In Digital Film Conversion

nextScan Introduces Virtual Film, New Software Technology In Digital Film Conversion

nextScan, Inc., a world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry, today announced at the IIMDA (Independent Image Management Dealers Association) Fall Conference in Banff, Canada, the formal introduction of Virtual Film, nextscan’s new software solution for the permanent preservation and PC based viewing of microfilm libraries.

Kurt Breish, nextScan CEO said, “Virtual Film is going to allow organizations to safely replace their microfilm libraries permanently by converting those libraries to a digital format that can be easily viewed and retrieved on a PC, all at a price that is considerably lower than today’s scanning solutions. We are proud to introduce our new technology in software systems to compliment the suite of industry leading production microfilm and fiche scanners manufactured by nextScan. nextScan’s mission is to help customers quickly, efficiently and economically complete their digitization requirements. Virtual Film software technology will represent exceptional value to customers seeking to move to a full ECM solution for their film archives with quality, cost-effective innovative microfilm and fiche scanning solutions. This software product replaces the need for costly microfilm storage, labor for retrieval and continued damage to microfilm that is caused by constant access on a Reader/Printer. nextScan is very excited about this new software technology and sees this as a strategic relationship to help our customers and Service Bureaus.”

Source: Hispanic Business

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