BBC unveils impressive vision for future of iPlayer

BBC unveils impressive vision for future of iPlayer 

The BBC today unveiled its vision for the next generation BBC iPlayer, evolving its popular video on-demand service for audiences in the future. The new service will see it move from a broadcast TV catch-up service to the BBC’s primary digital entertainment destination.

 The BBC’s vision for new iPlayer focuses on three key areas:

 •A greater range of content

•New ways of watching BBC TV shows

•Innovative new features

In the future, BBC iPlayer will experiment with:


•Pop-up channels – around specific events or festivals such as Glastonbury, curated by key talent

•Online channels – such as Radio 1 TV, Arts or Science

•More exclusive content – building on the success of comedy pilots for BBC Three

•The ability to create your own evening schedule – with access to more content before it is on TV

•An extended window to watch increasing from seven to 30 days*

•Ability to pause and resume TV viewing from one screen to another

•More relevant and personalised recommendations

Especially interesting, and in line with recent iPlayer exclusives, is the news that BBC will introduce more programming made exclusively for online audiences for much-loved BBC shows like EastEnders, Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing, and themed collections from the BBC’s Archive.

Source: IPTV

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