Former BBC boss Mark Thompson to face MPs over £100m DMI fiasco

Former BBC boss Mark Thompson to face MPs over £100m DMI fiasco 

Current New York Times chief executive to be asked if he misled parliamentary committee about Digital Media Initiative in 2011

Former BBC director general Mark Thompson has been recalled to parliament over the corporation’s failed Digital Media Initiative, which was axed earlier this year after wasting nearly £100m of licence-fee-payer’s money.

Thompson, now the New York Times Company chief executive, will be asked whether he misled MPs in 2011 when he said that the ambitious project was “out in the business”.

The Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which was designed to do away with videotapes and digitise BBC archive content, was eventually axed on 24 May after costing the BBC £98.4m.

The Commons public accounts committee, which is chaired by Labour’s Margaret Hodge, said on Wednesday that it was “dismayed” by the failure of DMI and would investigate whether it was misled by the BBC about its progress.

Thompson is expected to appear before the MPs in January following the conclusions of a review comissioned by the BBC Trust into who knew what, and when, as well as how the project was so badly mishandled.

Source: Guardian

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