BBC failings to be highlighted in report on handling of Digital Media Initiative

BBC failings to be highlighted in report on handling of Digital Media Initiative 

PricewaterhouseCoopers review understood to criticise poor governance of DMI and impact of swift closure of project

From the Article:

The long-awaited PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) review ordered by theBBC Trust into the DMI plan, designed to do away with video tapes and digitise BBC archive content, is due within the next week.raft copies of the reports are understood to criticise the corporation’s system of governance for DMI that allowed the project to spend £98.4m before it was axed by new director general Tony Hall in May.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of DMI being closed, staff have complained that one of the project’s components regarded as a success, called Fabric, is worse than Infax – the system it was supposed to replace.

Fabric was supposed to be used to source TV archive material and then call it up without the need for tapes being couriered from the BBC’s archive in Perivale, in north-west London, to Broadcasting House in central London.

However, with the closure of DMI and the archive still not fully digitised, staff are left with what they say is a clunkier system that takes longer to use than Infax and still requires tapes being delivered to Broadcasting House.

To make matters worse, Infax is being switched off in March and 24 posts are due to be closed in the BBC’s archive and information department.

Source: The Guardian

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