Ian Watkins may earn £100,000 in Lostprophets royalties while in prison

Ian Watkins may earn £100,000 in Lostprophets royalties while in prison 

From the article:

Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins could continue to make thousands of pounds in royalties despite facing a prison sentence for paedophilia.

But the rock star could earn an estimated £100,000 for his past work while spending time behind bars, and might potentially benefit from a spike in internet searches after renewed publicity from his notorious trial.

Music lawyer Craig Brookes told Wales on Sunday: “The biggest income stream will almost certainly be publishing which, even if radio play has stopped, will still be pretty big.

“They will say ‘This is how much music is in the market place so it is likely you are due this amount’. He will also get a publishing cut for any play Lostprophets have anywhere.”

Watkins’ case has gained a heavy amount of media attention since his arrest last year, with fans continuing to search for music and video footage on streaming sites such as YouTube.

It is not unusual for depraved artists to continue receiving royalties while serving sentences for crimes.

In 2012, convicted sex offender Gary Glitter was paid thousands of pounds after the BBC aired archived footage of the musician performing on Top of the Pops in 1977.

Source: The Independent


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