Project to facilitate copyright use launches publicly

Project to facilitate copyright use launches publicly 

Rights Data Integration aims to simplify the way digital content rights are traded and managed in its 27-month test run

A project which aims to help people access images, music, video or text online, in compliance with copyright law, was launched yesterday.

The Rights Data Integration (RDI) project aims to help content creators, owners and users go about the trade and use of intellectual property online by establishing an open standard of communication to “translate” the language of different content types.

“If you can’t express your rights then how can anybody find them,” Andrew Farrow, project co-ordinator for RDI, told as the project began its 27-month pilot run.

“If you make it difficult for someone to find out the rights to something they’ll pirate it. You make it easy then they’ve got far less excuse so why make it so difficult. Make it easy.”

At present, copyrighted material – text, audio, video, images – are “siloed” by media type, explained Farrow. Communication within the silos can be good, but different media types have different ways of expressing ownership, authorship or other legal definitions, thereby complicating the process of being able to use the media legitimately.


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