BBC ‘Connected Studio’ pre-event briefing – help re-design the BBC Archive online

BBC ‘Connected Studio’ pre-event briefing – help re-design the BBC Archive online 

How do we turn the BBC news and current affairs content of yesterday into a compelling audience offer for today? The vast BBC archive is as much about last week as about the events of previous decades, and spans a vast range of topics. We believe there is the potential for everyone to find something of real relevance to their lives and interests, but the idea of searching an ‘archive’, with its old, dusty connotations, is not an enticing starting point for people who have a dynamic digital world at their disposal.

This is where we need your help. We want you to consider how we can use smart tech and great editorial to surface news archive content in the most engaging and fascinating ways.

Come along to to his pre-event briefing to learn how you could have the chance to pitch your idea at the main event – the Creative Studio – **on the 23rd January at the Titanic Belfast Building ** – which will happen simultaneously in Belfast and London with teams of BBC staff and external companies competing to have their idea taken forward to prototype stage with funding.

There will drinks and the chance to ask the BBC Connected team more questions and meet up with people who have already registered for the main event, for which we still have a few tickets left if you want to register for that now.

Source: Digital Circle

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