BBC whistleblower claims staff ‘falsified’ benefits of DMI project

BBC whistleblower claims staff ‘falsified’ benefits of DMI project 

Ex-employee, who warned Lord Patten about digital initiative in 2012, compares benefits estimates to Enron-style accounting
Read the full NAO report on the BBC’s handling of the DMI project
Read the written evidence submitted to the PAC for the DMI inquiry

In written evidence published by the Commons public accounts committee on Tuesday ahead of a hearing into the DMI debacle that will take place on 3 February, Bill Garrett, a former BBC employee, said he believed that four years ago “a number of staff knowingly falsified estimates of financial benefits” in order to secure further funding for the project.

Garrett also called on the BBC to investigate further his belief that “certain individuals acted wilfully to subvert governance processes and falsify value propositions so as to deceive the various governance panels”.

He challenged evidence given by former BBC director general Mark Thompson to the PAC in 2011 about the progress of DMI. Thompson has been recalled to appear before the PAC again on 3 February to face further questions about DMI, along with former BBC finance chief Zarin Patel, trustee Anthony Fry, ex-chief operating officer Caroline Thomson and BBC operations director Dominic Coles.

Source: Guardian

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