BBC blasted over £100m IT fiasco

BBC blasted over £100m IT fiasco 

Corporation’s Digital Media Initiative an example of ‘how not to run a major project’ according to Public Accounts Committee

A botched BBC IT scheme which ended up costing licence-fee payers £100m will be the subject of a government grilling today as those responsible face questions about the project’s failures.

Back in 2008, the BBC launched its Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which was designed to allow staff to develop, create and share video and audio content through a new integrated digital production and archiving system. 

The scheme was eventually scrapped last year after what the National Audit Office describes as the corporation being “too optimistic” over its ability to implement it. Siemens initially won the contract but Computacenter and other IT firms specialising in video and audio were also brought in over its lifespan.

By the time it was scrapped last May, the cost to the licence-fee payer stood at £98.4m.

Today, those responsible for the DMI – including former director general Mark Thompson – will give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which will grill them over the scheme’s failures.

Source: Channelweb

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