BBC ‘half-truths’ over digital debacle condemned as Thompson faces MPs

BBC ‘half-truths’ over digital debacle condemned as Thompson faces MPs 

Margaret Hodge’s accounts committee blames waste of £100m on byzantine bureaucracy almost beyond parody 

MPs have accused the BBC of arrogance and “half-truths” over a bungled IT project that cost licence fee-payers nearly £100m.

The Labour MP Margaret Hodge, chair of the Commons public accounts committee, said the BBC’s handling of its Digital Media Initiative (DMI), abandoned at a cost of £98.4m last year, was “almost beyond parody” and revealed a “jungle of bureaucracy” at the corporation. 

“There are a whole load of half-truths running around here,” Hodge said, summing up at the end of Monday’s hearing. “I think the BBC does deserve better.” 

The committee heard that only one programme had successfully incorporated the new system, the BBC1 science programme Bang Goes The Theory. The former BBC director general Mark Thompson admitted it was “apt”, Hodge telling him: “You couldn’t think of a better title.”


Click here to view the Parliamentary Committee hearing in full.

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