‘E-ARK’ Gets £6M To Save Digital Data

‘E-ARK’ Gets £6M To Save Digital Data 

A project to create an electronic ‘ark’ for digital and paper-based archives has received a cash injection. The project will address the problem of archiving digital data from many different kinds of systems all across Europe.

The European Commission has awarded £6M to archiving and digital preservation specialists to create E-ARK, a revolutionary method of archiving data that is set to become the gold standard across Europe. The system will ensure current digital archives, including ‘big data,’ are future-proofed. (Big data is data sets of such a size that it is difficult to manage with traditional software and databases.)

Digital preservation specialists at the University of Portsmouth are leading the project, which involves over a dozen major partners including a core group of European national archives. The University’s Dr Janet Delve and Professor David Anderson are tackling what they describe as a mammoth undertaking to address an issue which becomes larger by the day.

Source: Portsmouth News

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