Why Images Don’t Belong in Your DAM

Why Images Don’t Belong in Your DAM By David Diamond

Most organizations use digital asset management to manage images. It has always been this way and it will likely continue to be this way for some time. After all, images are the thing DAM does best.

But it’s time to stop using DAM to manage images because you could be doing so much more.

Lose the Legacy

Unfortunately for DAM users, DAM developers were weened on operating systems. This means that despite our best efforts to make digital asset management software something that’s leaps and bounds better than what we get with Mac OS, Windows or Linux, DAMs remain too influenced by the ways in which things are done on the OS.

For example, consider data storage. In the early days of computing, word processing documents got their own folders; spreadsheets got theirs; images got theirs and so on. You might even have Videos, Pictures, Music or Documents folders on your hard drive today. After all, if Microsoft and Apple put them there, they must be useful for something.

Though I can’t think of a single professional DAM that provides out-of-the-box video or picture categories or tags, these are among the first things new DAM users create. In fact, you needn’t look far to see DAM vendor screenshots that include file-based examples because they tell a simple story.

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Source: CMS Wire.

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