If the BBC wants to survive, it must learn how to share its cultural riches

If the BBC wants to survive, it must learn how to share its cultural riches by Peter Bazalgette

The corporation cannot expect to maintain its £3.5bn a year from the licence fee unless it collaborates with other leading players.

From the article:

Perhaps the first example has been the enduring partnership with the Open University. And now that the OU is pioneering Mooc’s (massive, open, online courses) via Futurelearn, imagine how exciting it would be if the BBC’s remarkable archive is allied to these arts and science syllabuses. Another extremely fruitful partnership has been the 25-year relationship with independent producers. This has had a beneficial effect on the BBC’s programming, the economic health of the sector and the strength of Britain’s programme and format exports.

The alternative to such partnerships is that the licence fee is shared, via “contested funding”, to a larger range of organisations which want to deliver on these public service objectives. I note that Roger Mosey, hitherto a BBC lifer who has run both news and sport in his time, and now former chairman Michael Grade, are arguing for this.

Source: Observer

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