Researcher talks access to digital information

Researcher talks access to digital information 

On Tuesday morning in Sterling Memorial Library, a German researcher talked about a way in which technology can be used to access old materials created through now-obsolete digital mediums.

Dirk von Suchodoletz, a principal researcher at the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Freiburg in Germany, gave a presentation titled “Making the Old New Again: Practical Emulation for Long Term Digital Preservation & Access.” In his lecture, von Suchodoletz presented a solution to the problem of accessing relevant information and artworks that were created on old digital mediums or in digital environments that are no longer in use. He and his colleagues at the University of Freiburg have been working on a project that aims to provide access to digital information to everyone, including people with no technical education. The software they are designing would allow users to access emulated digital environments remotely through a web browser. In this way, old content can be accessed, manipulated and preserved, von Suchodoletz explained.

“How does screen capturing not provide the full effect of digital art?” von Suchodoletz asked the audience, urging them to think about what is lost when files are read on different interfaces than those they were created on. He showed three disparately formatted images of the same word document opened on a Mac computer, Microsoft computer, and older software. The three barely resembled each other.

Source: Yale Daily News

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